Central America, a place of magic and adventure

14 March 2017

Enjoying adventurous plans, exploring magical places or discovering new cultures; these are all sure to be experiences on our bucket lists time and again throughout our lives. We all want to challenge ourselves to live moments full of adrenaline, fun, and discoveries we’ll remember forever.

Central America’s infinite natural and cultural richness has allowed the region to develop a wide list of activities that meet even the most demanding traveler’s bucket list requests.

The region’s endless volcanic chain that runs more than 1500 kilometers long extends along the entire Pacific coast, is the ideal place to practice extreme sports such as sand surfing the slopes of the Cerro Negro in Nicaragua.

For those who love the depths of the sea, Belize tends to feel like paradise, because in its warm and transparent ocean waters there are endless and colorful schools of fish, accompanied at times by sharks, rays and sea turtles. Thus, snorkeling or scuba diving with exotic species becomes an opportunity to enjoy a unique marine outing.

The mighty and imposing Central American rivers are great to practice of rafting. An area worth highlighting is the incredibly fast Grande river in Panama, which crosses narrow canyons of solid rock and has several sections of varying speed, allowing for routes of different levels of difficulty.

On land, the ancient spaces of the Mayan Biosphere Reserve in Guatemala, keep all the historical heritage and biodiversity characteristic of this destination. Through different routes in 4 x 4 trucks, it is possible to get to know this enclave in a different and fun way. The area is characterized by large jungle areas that allow direct contact with nature in unexplored roads and real wilderness waiting to be discovered.

El Salvador offers a new source of adrenalin: waterfall rappel. Enjoy this sport in the “El Tanque” waterfall, within the municipality of Juayua, the experience will be complemented by unrivalled vistas.

The variety of aerial extreme sports available in Central America is very large due to high demand from national and international tourists. The traditional Honduran village of La Campa, has a peculiar mix between the tranquility of the place and the screams of excitement from practicing extreme canopy. At 350 meters, it’s considered one of the highest of the region; with 6 lines of steel cable that allows a tour among them mountains likely to be unsuitable for people with vertigo.

To keep flying, get a bird’s eye view of Puerto Caldera, Costa Rica, by paragliding tandem. These unique flights combine the wonderful sensation of flying while experiencing nature in its purest form. On certain days, in addition to spotting a variety of exotic birds, it’s possible to see monkeys in between tree branches.