Guiness World Records™ title for the world’s largest Spritz

11 May 2016

Last night, on board the Costa Favolosa, a ship belonging to Italian company Costa Cruises, the Guinness World Records title for the World’s largest Spritz was broken.

1000 litres of the famous drink filled a huge glass, no less than 1.5 metres tall and 1.35 metres wide, in the evocative setting of the ship’s outside deck, while sailing on a cruise between Barcelona and Marseilles.

To break the previous record, the world’s most popular Italian aperitif was prepared on board, in about two hours, following the original recipe to the letter. The only difference, the record measures: 500 litres of prosecco (equivalent to 667 bottles), 333 litres of Aperol and 167 litres of soda were used, for a total of 1000 litres. The preparation was completed with the addition of 15 ice cubes (18x20cm each) and orange slices, essential elements to make the drink perfect.

The Spritz that broke all records was later distributed on board during a great celebration among the 3000 guests on the Costa Favolosa, including 1500 partner travel agents of the Italian company, travelling with Costa on the occasion of the 23rd edition of “Protagonisti del Mare”, an annual event dedicated to these partners.

There was no better place for the record-breaking Italian aperitif to be made than on board a Costa ship: the Italian company’s ships, all flying the Tricolore, are in fact characterised by an offer with a focus on the “Italy’s finest”, in terms of quality, passion, hospitality and style.