The most beautiful beaches of Central America

23 February 2017

Central America, a home to ancient civilizations and great cultural and natural wealth, houses cities full of mysticism, natural heritage and unrivaled beaches. In there seven countries, you’ll have access to some of the best coasts in the world, characterized by warm turquoise waters and golden sand or gorgeous black volcanic sand with deep blue waters. Enjoy a perfect pace to relax and discover nature, or dare to practice thrilling water sports.

Heavenly beaches with Latin flavor
Enjoy the Pacific or the Atlantic Ocean along the extensive Central American coastline.

The Nicaraguan bay San Juan del Sur, hides
Wildlife Refuge La Flor, a practically virgin beach protected, itis one of the few places where Olive Ridley turtle species spawn. Its ample beach and fine sand, has no hotels or restaurants allowing a one on one connection with nature.

Guanaja is one of the three islands that compose the archipelago of Bay Islands in Honduras. It is one of those places that are not usually included in travel guides and since it’s a biological reserve, the territory and surrounding waters contain great biodiversity. Guanaja is divided into two islands: the smallest is Bonnacca Cay which houses state institutions and most of the island population; the second, the large island, is deserted and wild. The mountains are covered with extensive pine forests, waterfalls and idyllic beaches with palm trees.

Guatemala also has wonderful pristine beaches. One of them is Playa Blanca, Izabal. Its access is only by boat and is free of buildings, hotels and restaurants; picnic tours however, can be arranged. The water is transparent and the sand is devoid of coral formations, allowing you to swim or walk 60 meters out without fear of hurting your feet.

One of the most beloved places in Costa Rica is the well-known Tamarindo beach, it is called the most beautiful beach in the country, surrounded by mangrove trees and a rich fauna. The place is well known for good waves to surf since it’s surrounded by five enclaves such as Avellana beach, Langosta beach and Grande beach.

Belize, the little Caribbean treasure
Belize offer endless beaches for all kind of tourists. It has more than 200 islands and the length of its coast exceeds 386 kilometers. In addition, the blue water makes this Caribbean treasure an ideal place to practice water sports like diving and kayaking or to simply relax and enjoy the beautiful jungle surroundings.

This small Central American paradise does not have the popularity of its neighboring countries. Belize, one of the best kept secrets of the Central American Caribbean, has magnificent beaches and an unbeatable environment away from noise and stress. It is the ideal atmosphere for travelers to immerse themselves in the relaxed and charming Belizean culture.

The Great Blue Hole, is another special feature in Belize, located 100 kilometers from the mainland coast and Belize City. Its formation goes back to the glacial period; currently it’s 300 meters wide and 123 meters deep; its waters are turquoise. It is a popular place for divers since there are hundreds of fish species, beautiful reefs and corals deep underwater.