Top 10 reasons to choose a Caribbean cruise

5 December 2017

Given the huge appeal of the incredible white sand beaches and crystal-clear waters, it’s no surprise that over 15.000 Dutch holidaymakers chose to take a Caribbean cruise. With a host of distinct, vibrant islands to discover and new cruise experiences on offer; there’s plenty of reason for holidaymakers to set sail on an island-hopping adventure for their next getaway. With this in mind CLIA has compiled ten reasons to choose to cruise the Caribbean.

  1. Holidaying on one Caribbean island is brilliant so think how much better it is to tick off three, four or even more on just one cruise. What’s more, there’s no hanging around in airports or waiting for ferries to get from one place to another. Just wake up each day in a new place and start exploring.
  2. And while on the subject of ease, remember that although you are visiting several different countries on one holiday, you only have to unpack once. No waking early to put the bag out for collection. Bliss!
  3. Vessels of every size and hue sail the Caribbean, from big resort-style ships to small yachts. Families can take their pick of big ships packed with fun and games for kids such as ropes courses, water slides and rock walls; check out the luxurious yachts that come with swanky suites, butlers and exclusive cabana hideaways to sail in style.
  4. Cruises are such fantastic value vs staying a week or two in a hotel in the islands. All cruise prices include meals in the dining rooms and self-service buffet, activities and non-stop entertainment – not just lavish production shows but live bands, karaoke and dance parties. Choose one of the luxury lines and drinks and speciality dining will be thrown in too.
  5. Add some va-va-vroom to a Caribbean cruise with a ride on a Harley Davidson motorbike. It’s one of a great selection of shore excursions the cruise lines offer for adrenalin junkies. Passengers can also go horse-riding in the sea, hike through rainforest, scoot around on a Segway, zipwire through the treetops and take the helm of a sailing boat.
  6. Use an island-hopping cruise to delve into the Caribbean’s history and culture. The British, French and Spanish left forts that are fun to explore, and there are great plantation houses and pretty little churches to discover. In St Kitts a train that once transported sugar cane from the fields to the coast now gives tourists the ride of their lives (with the help of the included rum punch or two!).
  7. OK so the food is included in the cruise fare but what better way to get a real taste of the Caribbean than by lunching like a local on the days ashore. Look out for spicy jerk chicken, goat curry, fried flying fish and rice with black beans.
  8. Remember those stories from school about Blackbeard, Anne Bonney and Mary Read? Pirates of the Caribbean were not such nice guys as Captain Jack Sparrow might have us believe but who cannot be intrigued to cruise in the footsteps of the bandits who sailed these waters 200 years ago in search of pieces of eight.
  9. Changing planes is such a hassle, which is why most Brits stick to the main islands of Barbados, St Lucia, Jamaica and Antigua and miss seeing the likes of Nevis, Tobago and St Barths. No such problems on a cruise; just sit back and relax as your floating hotel visits islands big and small.
  10. There’s always going to be sun, sea and sand. After all, this is the Caribbean we’re talking about. But choose a cruise and you can be building sandcastles on a different beach each day.

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