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Dutch holiday-market trends: more Dutch on holiday in 2016

The Dutch holiday-market seems to be improving slowly. In the first half of the year 2016 the number of holidays rose by as much as 6 percent to 12,5 million. But it is not yet time for a 'hip hip hooray'.

Trend: Homestays, staying with families, agritourism

Homestays and staying with locals is proving to be an emerging trend. Increasing numbers of travellers are choosing small-scale, local or rural accommodation. The benefits are getting to know the locals, sampling local food and spending the night in unique places, away from the tourist crowds.

Trend: Digital Detox holidays

With plugging into Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, mobile apps and email, we’re constantly keeping up and constantly available. In the digital age, the possibilities might be endless, but so is the risk of addiction and chronic stress. How can you relax on holiday if you’re constantly checking your email, messaging with those back home, or keeping up with news on Twitter?

Germany continues to grow in popularity with Dutch travellers

For several years now, Germany has been on the rise as popular holiday destination for Dutch travellers. In 2014, Germany was the destination for 1.5 out of 9.6 million Dutch summer holiday-makers. And the number of overnight stays rose to a record 11 million, an increase of 1.5 percent. In the same year, the number of Dutch holiday bookings to Germany rose by 6 percent according to the German Tourist Board.

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